I am an Australian interdisciplinary artist making work that focuses on ideas relating to Instruction Based Art, sensory thresholds, transformation and the in-between.

From a young age I have been fascinated with the 'magic' of computers, programming and the internet. When I first became interested in computers they took on a metaphysical aspect for me, hinting that all the answers were available if you knew how and where to look. Trying to figure them out and the way they work is/was a bit of an obsession for me. In my work, the computer or program is an interface or transformative space.

My paintings, that vary in size, look pixelated and appear to be a close-up of a digital file. However, when you examine them closely, you can see that the lines aren’t perfect and the hand of the artist is evident.

In addition, I use digital, electronic and new media, that I combine to create single works or installations using the different mediums layered on top of each other like a giant collage that can cover walls and floors. I am currently working on some new pieces called 'Digital Combines'. Digital Combines are a new genre proposed by the artist Claudia Hart in 2021. These works join the physical, digital and virtual, like a 3D collage, to create meaning.

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Reflection on my art and studio practice. Sometimes serious, Sometimes not...


Sue Beyer

Interdisciplinary Artist and Doctorate of Visual Art Candidate at Griffith University. I make Instruction based art using various mediums. Based in Melbourne & New York